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Association of Independent Music
Artist of the Week
Dear Tenement were named by New Found Sound as Artist of the Week in The Scotsman on March 15th 2020. 
Dear Tenement's 1st single Whole received airplay on
BBC Radio
and a host of local stations from Scotland to Canada

"infectious indie/pop with a lilting Scottish accent, big chords, catchy melodies and a touch of melancholy"

Under The Radar Feature

(The Scotsman)

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The 1st release 'Whole' also made it into this 'Discover New Music' feature.
Pretty In Noise (Germany)


"Whole feels inspired in an anthemic "hold lighters to the sky" sort of way"

American Pancake

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"There might be a lot of indie bands out there trying to be heard, but there are only a handful that can write a track this catchy and witty"

Vinyl Chapters

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"I seriously adore the vocals with the beautiful Glasgow accent""

Music Injection

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"The songsmithery blends the raw lyricism that has become synonymous with Scottish Indie music together with the warmth of massive festival sing-along hooks" 
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